From The Studio

How to use Shibori Silk in Beading

Paula Gething

Basic techniques for using Shibori Silk and Beading together.

What is Essential Oil Jewellery?

Paula Gething

Essential oil jewellery is defined as a piece of jewellery that a person can wear and take the scent of their favouri...

What is beading used for?

Paula Gething

Beading has a long and colourful history – with archaeologists and historians noting beadwork in Europe dating back t...

Buying Jewellery in Australia

Paula Gething

Buying jewellery in Australia is one way to support small and local businesses. Often sole traders, these businesses ...

Making a Pierced Arrow Cuff

Paula Gething

Making a 'Pierced Arrow' cuff - a project I'd been wanting to do for a while, and #socialisolation gave me the time t...

Beading in Isolation

Paula Gething

Top ten tips for making the most of your time and beading in isolation!

Upcycling Jewellery

Paula Gething

'Upcycling' jewellery is a great way to repurpose older pieces, and to incorporate 'found' or other artists work in y...

Clever and Cheap Ways to Store & Display Your Jewellery

Paula Gething

Here are some clever and inexpensive ways that I store and display my jewellery. Raiding stores like IKEA and Kmart f...

Can you wear Statement Jewellery everyday? I say yes!

Paula Gething

Whilst Hollywood movie stars wear statement pieces on the red carpet, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion -...

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