Handmade Tassel Earrings Designed in Australia

Designed to bring a sense of stunning statement jewellery to the Australian market, all of which are meticulously handcrafted with care, On A String’s range is a nod to artisanal, unique designs.

With materials sourced carefully from leading suppliers throughout the industry, our tassel earrings add the finishing touch to inspired outfits and looks of all kinds.

From silky textures to bright pops of colour, vibrant accents, and free-flowing movement – these pieces stand out in all the right ways. Worn at special occasions or to support an everyday outfit, the On A String handmade earrings selection boasts relentless charm and a flair for handcrafted beauty.

With each unique element conscientiously combined for a distinctively different design, the result is a sense of style that simply can’t be found in mass-produced alternatives. As we pay each piece the utmost care and attention, the finer details reflect our sentiment for one-of-a-kind creations.

Artistry is in every fibre of our handmade tassel earrings

Each piece within the On A String range comes with its own unique traits. Made in Melbourne with passionate, experienced hands, all of the materials are transformed into brilliant works of art that are truly a tribute to inspired looks.

Combining intricate details with blends of complementary colours and textures at each turn, every individual tassel earring brings our love of quality to the forefront. Enjoy rich, bold accents that pack a punch, complete with luxuriously crafted effects that trick the eye – the choice is yours.

Make your personal mark

The beauty of these gorgeous designs is that they’re created to become yours in your own individual way. Not only do they emit a bohemian, inspired touch, but they are also brought to life with aesthetic details that don’t go unnoticed. We believe there’s a little bit of soul in every creation within our range, and that’s why we continue to expand our collection with works of art that are unique from the rest of the market.

Consider our necklaces to combine with these gorgeous, handcrafted tassel earrings available online through On A String, we invite you into the wonderful world of artisan jewellery.

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