Unique handmade polymer clay earrings

Turning this medium into one-of-a-kind, tangible works of art filled with texture and colour, On A String’s polymer clay earrings range is a nod to vibrant designs. Worn in tandem with our polymer clay necklaces, we offer head-turning statements that only the work of skilled hands can craft.

Worked by hand into unique forms, then carefully decorated and imprinted, we pay every design a high level of attention to detail.

Paired with hypoallergenic metal accents – alongside gorgeous crystals and beads – we combine each component to form distinctive creations we just can't get enough of. And now, we want to invite you into this wonderful world to cherish this art form as much as we do.

These handcrafted pieces are all about bringing gallery-grade style to the accessories market. We do this by applying our careful craft and high-quality care. Each piece is handmade with ethically sourced, studio-grade materials, giving rise to artisan-style jewellery that's inspired by authentic style and craftsmanship.

Stunning pieces that make a mark

The nature of our work is that it’s all handcrafted with careful techniques and years of experience. From colour to shaping and texture, the options in our handmade polymer clay earrings range are all worked by a spirited, skilled creator, adding something special into each and every design.

While we include statement features for an added edge, the real star of the show is the polymer clay we use. Strong and vibrant in pops of colour that don't fade, we work this medium into shape and imprint it with distinct texture and traits.

We achieve the perfect balance between the weight and look with our clay earrings, so you can enjoy style in comfort. The overall look is a full-bodied piece that infuses delicate creation with a modern, fashion-forward twist. The carefully crafted, handmade On A String polymer clay earrings range adorn your look with a dash of earthiness and put-together poise that stuns in any light.

Polymer clay stud earrings, designed to be enjoyed by all

On A String thoughtfully sources every component – from hooks to textiles – to ensure all designs meet our benchmark for quality. Featuring hypoallergenic wire or studs, our creations can be worn by even the most sensitive of ears.

This makes our pieces the perfect gift for occasions of all kinds, especially for those who love the sentiment of owning something truly unique.

Wrapped in gorgeous packaging, all of our handmade polymer clay stud earrings or various designs make for the perfect gift. We also deliver right across Australia, offering our inspired collection to those of all walks of life.

Contact us for more information on our range or to have any questions answered.

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