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Exclusive beading patterns for sale

We make recreating beautifully beaded simple with easy-to-follow patterns for beginners, experts and budding hobbyists. With clearly marked elements to help you form your masterpiece, On A String’s collection is the ultimate way to kickstart your crafty journey.

In our humble beginnings, we set out to develop our skill sets through similar tactics. So it’s only natural that we love to bring our legacy to the forefront with helpful guides, resources and beading patterns for sale that let our customers do the same.

Enabling you to create masterpieces of your own is part of our mission. We adore the endless ingenuity of individual artistic expression, and never tire of seeing the final result. With our range available online, we give you everything you need to create your spin on glamorous, artisanal jewellery from start to finish.

Complemented by our expertly guided tutorials and jewellery workshops, everything you need for exquisite creation is at your fingertips.

Beading patterns for beginners and upward

We make the introduction to this technique easy, clear, and enjoyable as possible. Curating patterns that are suitable to all skill levels – from newcomer to expert – we give you the ticket to creating tasteful embellishments and stunning works of art.

On A String seeks to inspire style across all levels of experience and craftsmanship. Watch as our patterns morph into something more, evolving your capabilities and honing your skills as you go. Add complexity and unlock new aesthetics to take on fresh challenges or set out on your journey – the choice is yours.

We give you the confidence to craft

Beginning with simple, introductory beading patterns for sale online, we sow the seeds to this art carefully from the start of the process.

Our range of beading tutorials and workshops, from beginner to advanced, set you up for success. Plus, we carry some limited edition beading kits that give you everything you need to set out on the right track, all designed to help your skills level up and flourish.

Note: All tutorials include comprehensive instructions and a digital download. Our workshops can be accessed via Zoom or in-person, when available.

Whether seeking a hobby to pour your heart into or expanding a budding beading career, our workshops and classes are the perfect way to get started.

Coming from a core of modern craftsmanship and distinctive style, we believe we bring the unique On A String experience to all of our creations. Pave your path to becoming a master creator with resources that have been carefully created by skilled hands and minds. Shop all of our beaded patterns online now or get in touch to have any questions answered.

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