Beading kits and tutorials from our team in Australia

We’re huge fans of this art form, so it only makes sense that we offer a range of the finest beading kits and tutorials in Australia. Designed for both hobbyists and professionals, all of our options let you dive into activity, imagination first. Choose from eclectic pendant options, through to tassel-inspired designs or lacey looks – the choice is yours.

What is beading?

Rising to popularity, this method uses tiny beads to create intricate detailing and stunning statement pieces with a unique flair. Ultimately, there are many ways this technique can be done, and everyone has their own ways of working with these resources. This depends on the overall vision for the piece and the level of detail required.

At the beginning of your journey, you may need to start off with more simple designs to get a hang of the craft, which is why we offer easy beading kits and tutorials to set you off on the right track. Learning this art form means you’ll need to master a few skills, including construction techniques and how to utilise the collection of beads you’ve chosen for your accessory.

The different types

The world of beading is evolving as time goes on, but there will always be a few key ways hobbyists and professionals go about this craft. These include:

  • Weaving: Using a combination of sewing, weaving and stitching, this craft uses specific patterns to create an overall picture or piece.
  • Embroidery: Stitching beads to specific designs – like clothing or garments – this creates an embellished look to add a sophisticated edge to an existing piece.
  • Stringing: This is the basic art form of putting beads on a piece of string or cord to create an accessory.
  • Loom: Using a well-made bead loom frame, this method lets you weave fibres with beads to create a diverse range of cloth, rugs, accessories and jewellery.
  • Macrame: Macrame is a well-known craft that’s inspired by knotting and weaving. Beads can be incorporated into these techniques to create a range of designs.

Shop online for beading kits in Australia

All of our kits are curated in Melbourne, Australia. Buy online now with the option to use Afterpay and enjoy your purchase without the hassle. For more information on our selection or for questions around this craft, get in touch by heading to our online contact form.

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