Can you wear Statement Jewellery everyday? I say yes!

Statement jewellery can be defined as jewellery that is striking (as in bold colours or shape), large (as in size) or unique (as in unusual design).

It can be a large, detailed and intricate statement necklace or pendant, bold and bright earrings, or a large colourful cuff style bracelet.

Statement jewellery is not the ‘minimalist’ style – it is not fine or delicate. It is designed to make a statement with your outfit, to draw attention and to spark conversation.



How to wear Statement Jewellery

Whilst Hollywood movie stars wear statement pieces on the red carpet, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion - make statement jewellery the stand out piece in your everyday wear. It is an awesome way to add a much needed lift to an everyday outfit.

Here are ten ways to wear statement jewellery:

  1. With a plain white t-shirt, simple jacket and pants, a statement pendant necklace stands out and brings life and colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit.
  2. Bold and bright earrings are on point with a slicked back hairstyle or ponytail. Show off your lobes with earrings that move when you move!
  3. Summer time and short sleeves make a perfect place for a statement bracelet cuff. One that is 4 or 5 cm in width, with detailed beading makes a focal point – especially if you move your hands around a lot when you talk!
  4. Complement a bright and cheery patterned top with a large statement metallic single coloured necklace. Think large collar style that draws attention to the neckline.
  5. A stack of glittery bangles along your arm draw attention by being shiny and making a delicate sound. Grouping bangles together of similar size creates a statement piece. Not every bangle needs to be big….a group of ten or more bangles of the same shape and colour makes a beautiful bold statement.
  6. Wear long dangle and drop earrings that ‘dust your shoulder’ to draw attention to your neck and shoulder area. Long feathery or tassel earrings flow and move beautifully, creating a soft and subtle silhouette, whilst being a bold statement piece.
  7. A simple black dress is immediately lifted with a statement necklace. Black is such a good canvas for multi-coloured pieces – large polymer clay or beaded components, on a hand beaded lariat length piece become the centre piece for an everyday dress, or one that transitions to night time!
  8. A brooch is a bold way to make a statement to a plain coloured jacket. Brooches can be quirky or classic – think fun ‘pin’ style brooches, either with a saying or quote, or classic shapes that draw attention without taking away from the clean lines of a tailored jacket.
  9. A statement pendant can form more than one purpose – a beautiful locket containing a memento or photograph keeps precious memories close to heart, or a diffuser pendant that emanates a beautiful calming or relaxing essential oil scent all day!
  10. Layering necklaces makes a statement – a variety of necklace lengths (choker, short, medium, long, extra long) in similar colours, all hanging together provide movement and style when grouped together in a layering style.

Did you find some great tips for wearing statement jewellery here? What are the ways you’re going to wear your jewellery in everyday wear?

Let us know in the comments.

Make a statement today!

You can wear statement jewellery everyday right now – look at your current jewellery and bring it up a notch or two by adding a large focal piece. Or, if you are already a statement jewellery aficionado, mix it up by taking on one of the ten ways above – seek out a new brooch or a stack of bangles!

Where to find statement jewellery

Check out the statement pieces available in our shop – unique and artisan hand beaded jewellery for everyday and statement wear!

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  • I agree. Anytime for statement jewellery.

  • Hi Paula, your blog is a great read with inspiring tips on how to wear jewellery – you are a natural at sharing your knowledge in a fun and informative way and make it look so easy. Keep on sharing your passion 💖

    Karen Ashmore
  • I’m fashion challenged. This is perfect information! Thank you!


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