Clever and Cheap Ways to Store & Display Your Jewellery

As a beaded jewellery maker, I've got quite a lot of pieces! So I need clever ways to store and display my jewellery so that it is easy to access and easy to wear. 

By having it stored in different ways, I make sure that I get to use most of my pieces in everyday wear! 

And using different display methods means that I get to showcase not only my jewellery but pieces of furniture and other household items, giving them dual purposes!

How I store my jewellery

Dangle and Drop Earrings
I brought some perforated trays from Kmart, cheap at $7.50 each, that are perfect for hanging dangle and drop earrings. These are mounted on the walls in my bead studio, and are great for grabbing the right pair of statement earrings I need for the day! I also have a large flat dish that stores long earrings that are stud posts. They could be put on these display trays but I'd have to attach the back to keep them secure. Not enough time for that! Check out the earrings at 

Behind Closed Doors
My walk in wardrobe has enough room for two IKEA Stave mirrors to be mounted on the wall. My husband put some door hinges on one side, and then placed some removable wooden dowel rods on the wall. These are a great way of keeping long and short necklaces behind closed doors, and with a mirror in front to check myself before I go out!

IKEA Stave Mirror


Using a Plate Stand
I have a beautiful pink three tiered plate stand (thanks Pinterest for the inspiration), that I put most of my precious/metal jewellery on. I use the bottom plate for bangles, the middle plate for rings, and the top plate for stud earrings.


Glass Display Shelves
My studio has a large IKEA Kallax unit, which serves two purposes - one to store some of the equipment I need for beading, and two, to showcase my jewellery. The top section holds 8 glass shelves, which are enough for me to place out my heavier beaded necklaces and bracelet cuffs on it. 

Memo Board
Another Kmart find was a black memo board. This is a great piece for hanging long necklaces on. I use tiny wooden pegs that also came from Kmart to hold them in place.

My Mannequin
A prized possession is my full sized red velvet mannequin (she's named Shirley after my mother in law). She holds prime position at the entry to my bead studio, and is perfect for holding a large statement necklace or two! 

My Mannequin

Other Ideas

Plastic storage drawers (like what you use for filing), or large plastic craft boxes with dividers are also great. Particularly if you want to keep your jewellery away in cupboards. I also have little earring stands, and mini mannequins that hold other display jewellery and are great for photographing pieces. 

How do you store your jewellery?

Let me know how you store your collections - I'd love to hear all about it! 

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  • Enjoyed reading the post. Have some of my jewellery stored in similar ways but do not have an idea mirror. Have fun today.

    Gaye Bradford
  • Great tips and ideas!

    Andrea Mathios

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