Buying Jewellery in Australia

Right now, supporting a small business in Australia is pivotal, but it’s also easy to do when you choose to go local. The impact of COVID-19, and ‘staying at home’ has put the spotlight firmly on online shopping – the marketplace for many small businesses across the country.

What is a small business?

The difference between supporting a small business – often run from a spare room, kitchen table, or garage – is often the more personal experience and unique products that you can find within them. These businesses have been built by one sole person who has a passion for creating and a keen interest in providing a unique experience and product for the buyer.

Buying jewellery in Australia can be an experience unlike what you get in-store. The pieces are crafted by hand – be that beading, metalwork, glass or polymer clay – and are constructed using techniques the crafter has developed over time. Their intimate knowledge of their product and craft shines through in their finished work, and you know that you are getting a design that is a little bit of their soul every time.

handmade jewellery components

Often starting as a hobby, these businesses turn these crafts into a full-time job. This gives the owner the chance to share their passion and creativity with others who not only appreciate handmade goods but like to support individuality and uniqueness.

Meet the Maker

As a buyer, you can work with a creator to bring your vision to life with a custom piece. This means that you also get a piece that is unique and unlike anything else that is mass-produced.

The Best Ways to Support a Small Business

One of the best ways to support a local brand without spending too much money is as simple as signing up to their newsletter, visiting them at a local market, or sharing, liking or commenting on their social media posts. Sharing their vision helps owners promote their hard work in ways that are immeasurable. In turn, you’re helping to grow their profile and put them in front of others who also appreciate the world of handmade and local goods.

Extra Special Touch!

And of course, even in times of social isolation, buying gifts is something we all need to do to help the local economy. Luckily, you will find that a small business owner will often go that extra mile for you when you do this, be it with gift wrapping, a card or even directly mailing your purchase to your recipient! This saves you time and that ‘non-essential’ trip to the shops!

Supporting the Economy

Buying handmade supports not only a small business, but the local economy too. For example, handmade jewellery creators often use other local makers to source their products and supplies. By just buying some jewellery from a local brand, you are helping to keep the economy turning!

Why not support the economy today, and buy your jewellery in Australia from a local, homegrown, handmade small business?

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  • So true Paula !
    No better way to support our economy and local artisans.

    Andrea Mathios

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