Beading in Isolation

Like almost everyone on the planet in this unusual and unprecedented time, I'm spending much more time at home and using my time to 'bead wisely'.

Here are my top ten tips for getting through #socialisolation with beading!

1. Go through your magazine stash

I've got a stash of magazines from both Bead and Button and Beadwork, in hard copy and digital versions. It's a great time to pick out a few projects that have been tagged at some point to be done, but never gotten around to getting done. Aim for one magazine project a week. 

2. Revisit your beads

Use this time to revisit things you've brought in the past, and not gotten around to using. Plan a new project with a 'found' item from your stash.

3. Label

Relabel your storage containers and drawers to be able to find things easily in the future. My Dymo labelling machine is one of the best tools I have for labelling containers and drawers. 

4. Storage Containers 

Separate out components like Rivoli's into the same sizes or sort beads by colour - whatever works for you! I use a variety of containers and storage boxes for bead storage, like these red metal storage drawers from Officeworks to store my seedbeads by colour.

5. Filing Your Patterns

File your bead patterns into folders or document boxes, by type (ie bracelets, necklaces, earrings etc), or by designer/alphabetical. Or, scan all hard copies as digital files and file them with a system like Dropbox. That way you can access them from your phone, laptop or tablet as well. 

6. Plan Your Work Spaces

If you've got the room, create work spaces for zones or different types of projects. I've got a beading area, a sorting/packing area, a clay/resin area and a bench top for cutting packing orders.

7. Do Some Repairs

With handmade, sometimes a bead can come loose or a thread break in the piece. This is a great time to pull out the thread and replacement beads and do some repairs!

8. Recycle a Piece

Have you made a piece in the past that you no longer love, but want to reuse some of the beads in it? Cut it up and recycle it. Reuse the crystals, pearls and clasps in a new piece!

9. Give a Gift

At this time, giving a gift of beading to someone in isolation is a lovely way to share your talent and creativity. Create a piece, and pop it in the mail to someone special!

10. Virtual Bead A Longs

Get together with your beading friends virtually, on Zoom or Houseparty and bead together, just as if you were in person. There are also many designers offering free tutorials and beading sessions online, so check out Facebook or your beading groups to find out more!

Bonus Tip

And one more.....visit your local bead store online. Whilst we can't go out, we can still add to our beading stash by getting some more beads! 

Until next time,




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  • You are so organized and you’ve inspired me to do the same!! Fabulous tips and ideas :)

  • Thanks for sharring great article

    Gloria Gibbs
  • Thank you so much for your tips. I love all of your products !


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